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Chapter 6
Unknown tensions

*Sebastian POV*

I sighed as I stepped into the now empty kitchen. I finally managed to clean it up after Bardroy’s antics with that flame thrower of his again.


But then there was the Young Master’s Fiancée, Lady Elizabeth. She was something to deal with herself. Always ‘redecorating’ and making everything ‘cute’. It was disgusting.

“I swear, she’s more troublesome than those three useless servants...”

“Who, the human girl?” A female voice chirped behind me. Suddenly, there was a weight on my shoulders, and I looked up to see that little demon girl had returned. Eve had her chin resting on my shoulder and her arms draped loosely around my neck. She raised a brow and gave me a disgustingly adorable looking pout. “She’s still here? It’s been two days...”

I sighed, narrowing my eyes at her, “Yes. I believe she’ll be headed home tomorrow.”

Her ears perked and she gave me that stupid fake smile that she used when she was using that disgusting act, “Really? Good~ I guess I’ll stick around then~”

She hopped down, releasing my shoulders and turned to leave, “My, my~ what a scary look. Sebby~” she chimed mischievously.

I scowled, and reached my right hand out after her.

*Eve POV*

As I turned to leave, there was a tight grasp on my arm. I spun my head around as I was tugged back into Sebastian’s chest. I reached up to stop him, or protect myself, or...I wasn’t sure what, but he grabbed my wrist and pinned it to my shoulder, effectively trapping me against his body. He put his right hand, which previously held my right arm, around me and under my chin.  He captured my chin and pulled my face up, turning it slightly to the right as his face bent down near mine. I could not speak, I was too shocked.

“Stop.” Sebastian growled. I stared at him.

“I have, as you can see. You’ve stopped me quite effectively...” I said, narrowing my crimson eyes at his. His eyes darkened further, and he narrowed them.

“Not that. I mean the act. The disgusting innocent act of yours.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about...” I looked at him innocently. His eyes began to glow pink and turn demonic as his irritation grew further. His grip tightened on my chin.

“Save it. You and I both know this cute and clueless attitude is fake,” he growled. I was silent, the stupid look still on my face. Then I smirked.

“Oh, Sebby~ I’m afraid I can’t do that...” I slid my free hand down his forearm.

“Oh?” He smirked darkly.I gasped slightly as he spun me around and my back slammed into the wall.  He pinned my wrists above my head with one hand and put the other by my side. His face appeared right before mine, our noses nearly touched as he glared darkly at me. “And just why would that be?”

I glared back for a moment before smirking again, “My, a little forceful don’t you think Sebastian?”

He scowled and tightened his grip on my wrists. He smirked when I winced and brought his mouth near my ear, “Are you sure you won’t change your mind, kitten?”

My breath hitched slightly at the husky tone of his voice. I turned towards him, my eyes narrowed in suspicion, “Do not toy with me, Sebastian. There is a reason I am this way, and I’m not about to change it.”

“What reason could that be?” He asked, looking me in the eye. He ran the hand that wasn’t binding my wrists along one of my ears. A look of amusement crossed his face as I tensed up and a small blush crossed my cheeks. “Hmm?”

I quickly turned my head from his gaze, flattening my ear to cut off his access. I was silent another moment before answering.

“It makes people unsuspecting. Luring in prey, and dealing with opponents. Being underestimated is so easy, and the look on their face when they know they were wrong is amusing. That, and there are dangerous allegations and rumors circling myself in the underworld, and such an attitude throws them off. Those who suspect immediately doubt it and are thrown off my trail and turn to look for someone who seems more capable. Dealing with that is too much trouble, and I’m too busy now to worry about such things,” I sighed, glaring at the floor. There was a hand under my chin and my face was turned to meet the crimson eyes of Sebastian. I stared at him and he smirked. His face got closer and he spoke quietly.

“Is that so? Well you don’t have to worry about dark rumors from the underworld here.”

“Perhaps, though they have eyes everywhere.”

“Well, here’s what I propose. At least, when it’s just the two of us, drop the act. Since I already know it’s fake,” he said. I thought a moment, then sighed and smirked.

“Very well, it’ll be our little secret~” I said lowly. He chuckled darkly and released my wrists.  He then ruffled my hair, accidentally, or perhaps purposely, brushing my ears again. My face turned red and he laughed again, putting on a fake looking smile.

“Very good, kitten. I look forward to it.” He said, and turned and left the room. I was left standing there, a bit shocked, and raised my hand to my hair.

“...Dammit, STOP DOING THAT!!” I shouted before I could stop myself.


I was sitting around the manor, checking out some of the Young Lord’s china, when I heard rapid footsteps.

“Hmm...?” I perked my ears and looked towards them. As I headed for the door of the dining hall, I heard the main door to the manor slam open.


*Sebastian POV*

I felt my skin crawl as I heard that terrible name. I turned around to see that insufferable reaper dashing through the front door and towards me. However.


He’d barely reached the base of the grand staircase, when a pair of feet slammed into his face, sending him flying into an adjoining hallway. The person who’d kicked him used his face as a springboard and flipped off his face before landing near silently on the floor where he’d previously been. After checking to make sure Grell didn’t damage anything in the hallway, I looked over to see Eve standing tall with an irritated look on her face.

She stalked over to Grell, and as he was groaning and attempting to stand, ground her heel into his cheek.

Who do you think you are? Touching that which doesn’t belong to you?!” She hissed, increasing the force against Grell’s face. Grell began to beg and whine under her heel, trying to get her to stop hurting his face.

“What was that?! I can’t understand you, you really shouldn’t talk with your mouth full!” Eve hissed, stomping on his jaw. I just stood and watched, amused by both Eve’s strange reaction and Grell’s agony, as the little bra-I mean my young master came running out.

“What the hell is going on? What was that noise?” he demanded. I simply gestured to the scene in front of me and he fell silent in shock, and judging from the look of his face, annoyance. Just as the cacophony arising from Grell began to get unbearable, a small creature looking like a mix between a lizard and a bat, appeared in the air behind Eve. It quickly transformed into a young man with purplish skin and green wings. His short black hair flopped in his face, blue ends covering his black and green eyes.

“Eeeeeveeeee!!!! Stoop! You know you shouldn’t do that!” He shouted, or whined, as he jumped on Eve. He wrapped his arms around her chest, his legs around her waist, and rubbed his face against hers. Eve abruptly stopped as she toppled over onto the floor.

“Wha-?! Ah! Az…Get off! He-hey! Stop! I- ugh,” Eve struggled against the boy, pushing against his face in an effort to separate herself from him. When it became apparent he wasn’t letting go, she let out a sigh of defeat. She crossed her arms and legs and sat with an annoyed glare as the boy continued shouting and clinging onto her. After several minutes of this, I had had enough, the burning feeling in my stomach becoming unbearable.

*Eve POV*

I gave up trying to fight the idiot, knowing his grip was like a vice when he got this way. I glared frustratedly at nothing as he rambled on about hurting the ‘cute idiotic reaper’ and how he was a ‘divine being’ and I wasn’t supposed to lay a finger on him. Though he should know I don’t give a rat’s ass about such things.

Suddenly, the weight was lifted from my shoulders.

“Eh?” I looked back, and saw Sebastian holding a confused Az by the hood of his sweatshirt.

“My, now what do we have here? You’ve come quite the long way just to grope someone…” He said, a smile on his face and a rather menacing aura surrounding him. I smirked to myself.

“Hmm…? Grope? I didn’t grope…Oh my! Who ARE YOU????” Az turned to him confusedly, slightly struggling to be let down. He turned to Sebastian and froze. A starstruck look crossed his face as he started shouting. ‘And so it begins…oi this fatuus of a demon…’ Sebastian cringed and held Az further from himself and I sighed, shaking my head.

“YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, LOOK AT YOU!!!” Az was now clinging to Sebastian’s neck and rubbing his cheek against him. Sebastian did his best to separate himself from the clingy bat, but it wasn’t working.  To be honest, it was getting on my nerves. To make things better, by now, Grell had managed to get his sorry ass off the ground.  Needless to say he wasn’t happy with the sight.

“What now-?! Hey, you get off of him! Bassy’s MINE!” Grell ran over and started trying to pry Az off as well. That was the final prick of my patience. I clenched my teeth and stood up. Marching over, I grabbed Grell by the collar and yanked him off the two, chucking him across the room.  Next, I turned to Az and rolled my eyes. I put my hand on his head and gave him a good shock, causing him to be stunned long enough for me to pry him off of Sebastian. I stood there, holding a very put out Az by the collar, and waited as Sebastian straightened his jacket and brushed the dust off himself.

“I apologize,” I sighed again. “This is Azreal.  He likes cute things, and anything he finds attractive he immediately jumps on. He’s nearly impossible to shake off.”

“I see that…Just why is he here?” Sebastian asked. I shrugged.

“Az and I are…friends I guess. He’s really my only friend.  He doesn’t care what I am or have done so…He tends to follow me around. I imagine Alistair isn’t too pleased with him though…”

“Alistair?” Ciel asked, raising a brow.

“My boss!” Az chirped with a childish smile. He giggled and looked to me sweetly. I shook my head and dropped him. He landed on his ass with a small ‘Oof!’

“Az is a bat demon, as you can tell. He’s a torturer in the pit,” I explained.

He’s supposed to be a torturer?” Ciel asked incredulously. Sebastian didn’t look to convinced either. I nodded.

“Don’t let that cute face and childish attitude fool you. He’s one of, no probably the most sadistic person I know. Inflicting pain causes him a stupid amount of amusement, and he can think up the most gruesome ways to do it as well.”

Azreal nodded with a smile, the piercings on his face glinting slightly. “I’m Alistair’s prize torturer! The only problem is, I like Eve much more than I like him!”

I sighed and pat his head, “Yes, he’s like a puppy sometimes, but he’s useful to have around.”

“How interesting. We keep learning new interesting things about you, Eve,” Sebastian said. “A torture demon as a best friend…”

“Sounds troublesome, though I suppose there are some useful advantages to it…” Ciel pondered.


“BY THE PIT, YOU’RE ADORABLE!!” I began to speak, but was cut off by Azreal shouting. I stood, wide-eyed in shock, with my mouth half open, as Azreal ran past me and glomped onto Ciel.


“What the?! Get off me!  Bloody hell! Get! Off!” Ciel protested as he was nearly knocked off his feet.

“Well, that’s enough for one day…” I let out an exasperated sigh and walk over to Az. With another sigh, I shove my hand into his chest through his back.

“Eh?” is all he says as I reach in and literally grab him by the sternum, yanking him back off of the kid.

“What…?!” Ciel started as Sebastian quickly covered his eyes.

“Eve, that is uncomfortable…” Az whines, a hint of irritation in his voice. I smile brightly at him as he looks back to me.


“Were such actions really necessary? You’ve made a mess of the carpet…” Sebastian questioned.

“I had had enough of his babbling and clinging for today. There aren’t many ways to get him to stop,” I shrugged, still holding Az by his sternum.

“Really…” Sebastian sighs, seeming annoyed. I just shrug again and Sebastian releases an irritated Ciel when he realizes I wasn’t planning on letting go of Az. He gets one look at me, and makes a strange face.

“What is up with you people?!” He half shouts before quickly turning and marching from the room. I stare after him until I hear Sebastian’s voice.

“How long do you intend to hold on to him like that?” I shrugged.

“Dunno.”  His frown deepened.

“Well, I should get back to the Young Master, Excuse me.” He bowed slightly. He straightened up, but didn’t leave like I expected. He stared at me for a moment – long enough for me to tilt my head in confusion – before turning on his heel and leaving.

“What was that about…” I muttered to myself. As I was lost in thought, I missed Az slowly getting more and more frustrated.

“Eve…” He spoke in a low voice without looking at me. He only used that voice when he was seriously angry.

“Hm?” I answered half-heartedly.

“Let. Me. Go. Already.” He turned his burning eyes to me as he silently threatened to kill me.

“Oh. Right,” I released his sternum and pulled my hand from his back. He hit the ground with a low hiss as the wound I had created closed. The blood on my hand evaporated in the air as I was still trying to discern the meaning of Sebastian’s behavior.

After a few minutes, I felt eyes on me. I turned to see Az, now calmed down, staring at me from his spot on the floor. I stared back at him for a moment, and when I finally opened my mouth to speak, he spoke first.

“I think he likes you.”

“What.” I froze, staring at Az like he was the strangest thing in the world. Though, he almost is…
Az simply smiled up at me like a child.

“You’re crazy,” I muttered, looking away from him. I tensed when I heard his loud intake of breath.  Suddenly he jumped on me again.

“You’re blushing! Aw look at you~” He cheered.

“Gah! I am doing no such thing!” I barely stopped myself from falling again as I argued with Az.

“Yes you are! I’ve never seen you do that, it’s so cute!” he patted my cheeks excitedly.

“Agh! Nonsense, you’re seeing things! I’m sure you’ve just lost another screw in your weird head!”

“Aw, you like him! It’s so cute! The black hearted Eve has fallen for someone~” He continued to in a sing song voice.

“What?! No way, no such thing has happened! Such happenings is impossible!” I protested. But Az wasn’t listening.

“No! You can’t, Bassy’s mine!” I new voice joined the chaos. Az and I both froze.

“What?” We slowly turned to face a disgruntled Grell, who’d finally managed to pull himself off the floor. He was angrily marching over to where Az and I now stood.

“Bassy is mine! You can’t have him!” He spoke loudly, as always, and I felt myself hanging between exasperation, and irritation.

“Look here, you ignorant, little, reaper! Sebastian is not yours, nor will he ever be. I will see you burn before you’d ever have a sliver of a chance with him!” I hissed. He shoved his face in mine and shouted at me.

“Perhaps I should just kill you now then? If you insist on trying to get in the way, you will have to be removed. He. Is. Mine!”

“Never. You do not lay a hand on me. You do not lay a hand on him!  You do not touch what belongs to me!” I growled, raising my hand and showing my claws as my eyes began to glow.

“Listen here, you! I-” Grell began to attempt to threaten me in return, but he wasn’t able to finish his sentence, as a fist to the face sent him flying.  I sat there glaring at the empty space where he had been standing, and shrugged.

“I’m listening…”

“I apologize for interrupting such an…important conversation…But I’m here for what belongs to me.”  

I looked over to the new voice, to see Shi standing next to a timid blonde and rubbing her knuckles. She looked to the blond and gestured toward Grell. The girl ran over, tripping once, and grabbed Grell by the arms. She hoisted him up and dragged them over to Shi, who grabbed him by the face.

“I’ll be going now.” She stated, stepping through a portal of black clouds. The blonde remained behind another moment.

“I apologize for the trouble Grell has caused you,” She bowed before following after Shi.

Az and I stood in silence for a minute, staring at the spot Shi had appeared and disappeared from.

“You do not touch what belongs to me’ huh…” He said teasingly.

“Be quiet…” I sighed.

“You were pretty worked up about him claiming the demon was his…” he continued.

Shut up…” I glared at him. He was quiet for a short moment.

“I still think the hot demon likes you.”


“…And you like him.”

I punched Azreal in the face, sending him flying, and stalked off towards the Young Lord’s office as Az laughed loudly from the room behind me.
Bathed in Blood and Sin Ch 6
Finally updated! 
Now with new title! (we'll see how long it lasts...)

Azreal is introduced, and he's having a hey day with all the cute faces
What's going on with Eve? What's going on with Sebastian? Will Ciel get some peace and quiet to work?
Probably not.

Fatuus = imbecile


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Anyhoo....Guess what I've started writing again?
I've started writing Eve's story (I still don't know a good name for it yet :P) And have gotten past my stuck moment.  But since her story is intertwined with a few *cough*several*cough* other characters, it'll be some time before I update yet, because I'm starting their stories and getting them up to speed with hers, since in some areas their timelines overlap with each others.  My main focus is, of course, Eve, however since she's my main (and one of my favorites) OC.  I've started Shi's as well as HImeka's (Idk that she's actually shown up in Eve's storyline yet...don't think so, at least not that I've posted I know I've written it...) and I still need to do Avalon's and two other yet to be named characters...(if anyone has a good name for an antisocial Red head and a condescending coherent demon dog-mix, I'd love a suggestion).  So update will still be a while, sorry...

I've been writing more for Waking Nightmare starring the bat shit insane Rayne and Brian.  I'm also adding a new character (another famous guy, can you guess? xD) and her story will probably be updated sooner, depending on whether or not I like the way the last chapter looks later.

I'm doing a series of digital drawings (based off sketches I have in a notebook that I do during lunch at work cuz I got nothing better to do unless I remember my PSP)  I'm working on one of Jamie (the red headed avenged sevenfold fan and pyro from WAking NIghtmare) and you've already seen Fem!Azreal.  Following her will be a nameless girl (the original that I took Fem!Az's design from) and Cassie Aono, who I don't think I've introduced yet to you guys.  Then is Mia and Aiko, Tsukiko and Lyra, Mai, Nyx, Kyoshi, and Skylar.  There may also be an appearance of Rian (a newer character based off fantasy rpg games), Airhynne, Zia (a genetically altered assassin tied in with REsident Evil), and possibly Tamara (basically a brute, very strong but very stupid, pretty lazy too lol)

I've started playing Prototype (borrowed it from a friend) And i'm really likin it.  Alex Mercer is awesome (even if he is a homicidal ass, but then again that's probably why I like him. Plus I mean come on, the arm turning into a sword, the kickass consume-and-disguise tricks...the dude's awesome.  And yeah I'm pretty sure I liked him from the beginning because of his bad attitude lmao)

So that's what's been going on in my life.  What's up with you guys?

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I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!
if you can raed tihs rpsoet it. OLNY PUT THIS ON YOUR PRILOFE IF YOU CAN RAED TIHS. CNAHGE THE NMUERBR AT TOP TGOHUH, "ONLY __ PEOPLE ON DA CAN READ THIS...CAN YOU?" Go up a nmuber if you can raed it...lte's see how hgih we can get!

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